Learn How to Optimize Your Empties Like the Pros at Manchester Bottle Depot

Before bringing your bottles, cans, and containers down to Manchester Bottle Depot, there are a few things you can do to ensure your empties are accepted. Follow these simple preparation tips and you won’t have to worry about a thing. So collect those cans, bring us your bottles, and cash-in on your containers today!

Pre-Recycling Preparation Tips
These easy steps will make sure your recycling trip runs smooth and puts money in your pocket.

  • Remove packaging & non-recyclables – Only drink containers please! Leave the plastic rings, bags, and cardboard containers in your home recycling.
  • Rinse your empties – Some leftover residue of liquid is bound to stay behind in any container. Give your empties a good rinse to prevent spills, odors, and pests from ruining your recycling.
  • Sort your empties – Organizing your containers will help speed up the process. Our helpful staff is there to assist you, but we know you want your refund as quick as possible. Separate by size and by type!

Now the last step is to come down to Manchester Bottle Depot! You’re ready to bring your cleaned and sorted empties down to us, and trade them in for cash. By making our job easier you make your experience better. We look forward to seeing you down here.

Any specific questions about your recycling? Call us today and we’ll sort you out.